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New Pedalling About website

We have now set up a new Pedalling About website at where you can follow our adventures cycling around South America.

Please visit us there to find out all the latest.

Laura and Paddy

Posted by: pedalling about | October 26, 2010

Coast to Coast 3 – Rookhope to Tynemouth

The final stretch and our priorities were to get to Tynemouth by 3:30 to give us time to return to Newcastle for the train, and most importantly to arrive before the boys.

We started with an off-road climb out of Rookhope. The road was too muddy and stony to ride so we pushed the bikes up. Once at the top we had a fabulous long stretch over the tops of the hills with the sun slowly beginning to show through the clouds. We felt very lucky to have it all to ourselves.

The riding was fun and made easy by a perfect tailwind that pushed us along the old railway line from Parkhead all the way to Consett and the first big town we had seen since Day 1. Read More…

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Coast to Coast 2 – Kirkoswald to Rookhope

Today we were being chased by Steve, Will and James – friends from London who had decided to do the route in two days. We had 35 miles to cover to Rookhope on our heavy bikes, whilst they travelling light had 95. The thought they might catch us on route drove us on throughout the day.

We left at 9.00 after bacon and egg rolls and chatting with three guys also cycling the route. They’d found it tough going too and looked a bit worried at the day ahead. The weather wasn’t so good and we were in Gortex from head to toe, which we both agreed was the greatest thing ever. Read More…

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Coast to Coast 1 – Whitehaven to Kirkoswald

Wide awake at 6am, too excited to sleep we were on the road for by 8am. After fearing awful conditions the weather was great for cycling. It was this week last year that Cumbria suffered the devastating floods so luck was definitely on our side.

Starting with the customary dip of the back wheels in the Irish Sea we set off along an old railway line which rose steadily out of Whitehaven and quickly took us to the top of some stunning views and away from civilisation. The route took us through the Lake District, which was spectacular with all the colours of autumn and just a shame we couldn’t have stopped more to really appreciate it. Read More…

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Getting ready for C2C

This time next week we’ll hopefully be cycling into Newcastle having completed the Coast 2 Coast trail from Whitehaven to Tynemouth. So at the moment we’re getting ready for the trip. Have managed to find the tent and campaing gear in the loft and are cleaning up our bikes in prep.

We get to Whitehaven late on Thursday evening, for an early start the next day. Day 1 takes us to Kirkoswald just past Penrith – 65 miles. Day 2 to Rookhope – a short 35, but expecting some hills so may be slow going! Day 3 is the final leg to Tynemouth – about 42 (plus 10 back to the station in Newcastle). Then sleeping on the train back to London and a well earned beer.

This is the route we’re planning to take:

We’ll update on how we’re getting on next week including photos, which hopefully won’t be of us cycling in the rain for once!

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Welcome to the Pedalling About blog

Hello and welcome to the Pedalling About blog.

We’re Laura and Paddy, keen cyclists who are currently planning a circular cycle tour of South America starting and finishing in Rio, Brazil. On this blog we’ll be posting about our planning and training for the trip and will be updating as much as we can when we are on the road from next May.

We hope you enjoy following our adventure. Please keep in touch with us and let us know your thoughts on our trip.

Laura and Paddy